Ultrasound probe covers for Intra-operative use

The right cover for most types of probes used to image organs during surgical interventions. The covers are available as a single cover, a cover including a twist lock, with or without a cable cover. All covers used for intra-operative applications are latex free.

Optimal protection for use with all types of ultrasound transducers 

Palmedic provides a complete line of protective covers for ultrasound transducers under the name Probetection™. Probetection protects patients and professionals against cross-infection, thus guaranteeingoptimal hygiene.

The use of Probetection™ protects the transducer or probe against contamination, ensuring that the transducer
is immediately available for the next examination. Substantial savings in the number of expensive transducers
for all uses are realised in gynaecology/obstetrics, urology, radiology, and cardiology departments. In addition, this means a reduction in costs for maintenance and disinfection of the transducers.
The Probetection™ protective covers are a complete product line, and are available for every existing transducer and for every disciple in which (ultra) sonography is used, be it Philips or Aloka, Siemens or General Electric, Toshiba or B-K medical, Hitachi or Esaote, or any other brand. Probetection™ protective covers are available both sterile and non-sterile.