At Glenmed, we firmly believe that acquiring and maintaining medical devices in a healthcare facility is not a simple sequence of irregular, once-off transactions – or at least, it shouldn’t be. It should, in fact, be an ongoing partnership, in which the facility administrators trust the expertise and opinion of the supplier and seek it out whenever they are looking to procure devices or maintain their current ones.

The Importance of a Reliable Medical Device Suppliers Cannot Be Understated

This is because medical devices are sophisticated and expensive and there is a lot riding on their ability to perform well and consistently. The sophistication requires well-trained technicians to maintain it, while the expense means that the facility can’t afford to make the wrong choice. For these reasons, it is necessary for medical institutions to establish a good relationship with a supplier they can trust. Keep reading the blog as we explore this further.

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Nurture Strong Relationships with Your Suppliers

As a medical practice administrator, you need to be able to contact a representative of your dealer at any time and know that your specific needs can be seen to quickly and effectively. Whether it’s a new machine, maintenance on existing ones, troubleshooting advice, or perhaps some training on a device that you and your staff are still unfamiliar with.

At Glenmed, we have always prided ourselves on the strong relationships we forge with our clients, alongside our technical expertise. This combination enables to provide quality, long-term support to all our clients. In addition, as the sole official South African distributor of top brands such as Fluke Biomedical, we have the advantage when it comes to providing specialised support on these devices.

Glenmed is the Medical Device Supplier You Can Trust

We would love to form a partnership with you and we are always ready to help with advice on maintenance on all devices we supply. Contact us for more information.

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