Ultrasound is an integral part of many medical institutions. With the advent of vascular dopplers, the capabilities of ultrasound have surpassed previous expectations and pushed medicine further. The ability to evaluate intravenous blood flow has aided in the diagnosis of many conditions, improving and saving millions of lives. Glenmed offers a variety of Koven Technology vascular dopplers that are perfect for your organisation. We have summarised the benefits of these Koven Vascular Dopplers to illustrate why they are the best match for you…

Fully Customisable Vascular Ultrasounds

Glenmed understands that one size doesn’t fit all, and thus offers three fully customisable vascular dopplers from Koven, allowing you to select only the options and accessories that suit your facility’s needs!

The Bidop® 3 Vascular Ultrasound Doppler and Smartdop® 30EX Vascular Ultrasound Doppler are both fully customisable to suit your needs. They both sport 30 waveform memory storage, allowing you to save waveforms and view or print them at a later stage.

The Bidop® 3 has the added advantage of real-time waveform LCD!

The Smartdop® 30EX vascular doppler sports a built-in cuff inflator that automatically calculates ABI and TBI results and performs PV arterial studies. Further, it includes features previously found in larger, more costly systems only.

Both devices offer comprehensive vascular testing capabilities, the only difference being that the Smartdop® 30EX offers carotid studies when used in conjunction with Smart-V-Link® Software.

Convenient, Hand-held Vascular Ultrasounds

The ES-100VX MiniDoppler® Vascular Ultrasound Doppler is a cost-effective and comprehensive device, ideal for pedal pulses and systolic pressures. It sports a wide selection of interchangeable probes and a compact, battery operated design. This hand-held device has the vascular testing capabilities to perform Ankle Brachial Index studies, pedal pulses, distal pulses and venous compressions.

The Smartdop® 45 Vascular Ultrasound Doppler is also hand-held and thus, convenient to use. This device sports a number of features typically found in larger, more costly systems. Its real-time waveform LCD, 30 waveform memory storage and French and Spanish display options make it a versatile device for any facility. It is also fully customisable!

The Smartdop® 45 has accessories available, including Smart-V-Link® Vascular Software for EHR’s & DICOM® compatible files, and a flat vascular probe to eliminate the need to hold the probe during testing. To find out about the accessories each device offers, click the links in this blog!

Easily Integrated Vascular Ultrasound Systems

If you seek a more complete system, then Glenmed have two great options for you. The Smartdop® XT Vascular Testing System is a complete vascular testing system with both doppler and automatic testing capabilities. It has 14 inflation ports, allowing you to timeously perform bilateral multiple level arterial studies.  Its vascular testing is comprehensive, including additions of Post Exercise Arterial Testing, Venous Reflux, Maximum Venous Outflow and Venous compression, as well as Cold immersion temperature testing for Raynaud’s detection, among other tests and studies. This device has a customisable screen for custom test configurations, expanding its range of testing. The system includes a Smartdop® XT Doppler, Smart-V-Link® Vascular Software, Cart, Touchscreen computer with keyboard and mouse, two PPG probes, one Doppler probe, one temperature probe and fourteen vascular cuffs and tubing.

The Smartdop® XT6 Vascular Ultrasound Doppler is a slightly smaller yet wide-ranging system, comprised of a Smartdop® XT6 Doppler, Smart-V-Link6 Vascular Software, two PPG probes and toe clips, one Doppler probe, and six vascular cuffs and tubing. It is a Vascular ABI/PPG testing system with both doppler and automatic testing capabilities. The Smartdop® XT6 has six inflation ports for rapid performance of bilateral arterial studies.

Both of these systems create easy to read reports and have Smart-XT-Link software that creates PDF and DICOM compatible files, allowing for easy integration into your facility’s HER or PACS system.

Glenmed strive to offer the best in medical products and vascular doppler technology. If you would like to find out more about our Koven vascular doppler systems, click here.